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End Matter is an arena-like strategy game set in space: casual matches against multiple players requiring you to conquer new planets, defend them from enemy players and outgrow their fleets while showing them who's intergalactic boss. On top of its core gameplay loop End Matter experiments with some unique game modes and dabbles into a bunch of bizarre genre blends. 

A gameplay trailer says more than I could summarize in this post:


  • Command millions of space ships in casual, arena-like battles
  • Conquer planets and solar systems
  • Battle up to 3 AI players in 4 difficulty modes
  • A campaign with 40 different levels
  • Unlock 11 game modes -- from team death match over capture the flag to some less serious genre blends
  • Unlock 11 different weapons to make the AI's life difficult with
  • Start custom quick matches with all your unlocked achievements

Enjoy the game :)


End Matter for macOS 46 MB
Mar 24, 2021
End Matter for Windows 29 MB
Mar 24, 2021
End Matter for Android 55 MB
Mar 24, 2021

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